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Kaya Village

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by tunatan
January 9, 2015
Category:   Area Guide

Kayaköy is an old Greek village, which is 13 kilometres away from the city centre of Fethiye. It was established by the Greek settlers living in the region then. Note that the village was re-established above the ruins of Karmylassos, an ancient Lycian city. After re-structuring, the Greek settlers named it Levissi.

Kayaköy is composed of two quarters which are different from each other. By the end of the Ottoman Empire, the village became a town with 3000 Greek inhabitants. One can see the ruins of a big church, school, hospital, library and numerous shops or workplace. Architecturally, these stone structures bear a unique characteristic because they were erected on a hillside in a way not to prevent the sunlight from shining into the buildings behind. All streets here in Kayaköy are connected to each other. All these characteristics make it a true architectural laboratory. When you get there, you will see that you are standing in an interesting architectural setting.

Second settlement: in accordance with the Agreement on Population Exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1922, the populations of Greek settlers in Kayaköy and the Turks in Western Thrace were exchanged. In accordance with this Agreement, forced migration took place. However, the Turkish settlers from Western Thrace could not get used to the environment. Instead, these newcomers settled in a plain terrain, which is more convenient for their living style. This second settlement in plain is relatively larger.

Almost all houses have stone walls, hearths, corner furnaces and toilets outside the house. The tiles decorated with stone, cisterns, stone pavements and roads and squares reflect the traces of its rich heritage.

Today, Karaköy is a travel destination with natural beauties and cultural heritage. It hosts a number of rural gardens and restaurants that offer rich breakfast and local pancakes, particularly at the weekends. The green vegetables of Mediterranean diet are offered along with the local dishes and pancakes. You can travel back to history throughout the whole day as you walk around the deserted stone houses in Kayaköy. It is also possible to ride a horse or camel, if you like. Or, you may take a seat in a nice restaurant, and you may enjoy this spectacular view as you enjoy your food or drink. Kayaköy is an awesome destination for those who would like to combine their holiday with culture and who are curious about the old times and life experiences in these settlements.

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