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by tunatan
January 6, 2015
Category:   Activities

Get ready for an excursion full of fun…

Our first destination Tlos which is the oldest urban site of Lycian civilisation and which you will admire for its history and architecture is accepted as the place where Pegasus, the flying horse in Greek mythology, is believed to have lived. There, you can visit the Lycian Tombs and witness spectacular view of Tlos Castle. After a distance of 5 minutes, we reach Yakapark which is considered to be a piece of heaven. It is a fascinating place where you can find waterfalls, mansions and every tone of green colour. Then we take a ride to Saklıkent Canyon which literally means Hidden City in Turkish, admires visitors and is located between two mountains. This Canyon is the second biggest gorge in Europe. It is a true wonder of nature where you can cool off in hot summer days with its affluent waters. We give a break for lunch in this amazing view. After lunch we visit Xanthos which is known as the capital of Lycian civilisation and enjoy swimming in Patara Sea which is the longest beach of Turkey. We end our safari tour here and go back to our departure point through the lovely villages out there.

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